Building Relationships

At PNWA, we believe working collaboratively with our partners and facilitating strong connections in the community are key to successful economic development in the Northwest. In addition to our advocacy efforts, PNWA builds relationships between our members and key partners to develop solutions addressing local, regional and national challenges.  Our partners include:

PNWA Members.   PNWA builds coalitions within our membership and across the nation to address our issues head-on.  Examples of this work include addressing permitting challenges, regulations affecting industrial lands, the bi-monthly Lower Columbia River Future Infrastructure Needs group that identifies and prioritizes needs on the lower river, and the national Section 214 coalition seeking the authority’s permanence.  PNWA also coordinates multiple opportunities for our membership of over 135 ports, businesses, and other organizations to discuss issues facing the region. For information on how to participate, view our upcoming event listings. For more information, please contact Tereza Edwards.

Northwest Congressional delegation & staff.  PNWA provides advocacy at the federal level by communicating directly with our Northwest Congressional delegation and their staff here in the region and in Washington, DC. Our government relations team travels back to DC multiple times throughout the year to meet with the Administration, agency leadership including staff at Corps Headquarters, Members of the Northwest Congressional delegation, and key Congressional and Committee staff.  These trips are open to PNWA members, and offer an opportunity to highlight individual issues and projects.  We also host our annual Mission to Washington, bringing 60-70 of our members to the Capitol Hill to meet with industry partners, DC insiders and each member of the Northwest delegation.  For more information, contact Heather Stebbings.

The Corps of Engineers.  PNWA is known for our strong relationship with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the agency charged with maintaining federal navigation and hydropower projects in the nation. We work closely in the region with the Northwestern Division, Portland District, Walla Walla District and Seattle District; in Washington, DC with leadership at Corps headquarters; and with staff at the Assistant Secretary of the Army’s office.  In this era of declining national budgets, it is critical to provide information to the Corps and other decision makers regarding the importance of federal projects in the Northwest, and the role they play in maintaining Northwest transportation infrastructure.

Heading to DC, or interested in joining PNWA on a trip? Let us help you plan your next trip. With our connections to folks in DC, we can help you identify and meet with the best contacts to accomplish your mission. For more information, contact Heather Stebbings or Kristin Meira.