Permitting 101

Friday, May 13

NEW LOCATION: Community Room at the Port of Newport Marina and RV Park, on SE Marine Science Drive in South Beach. This is on the south side of the Bay and south and east of the Yaquina Bay Bridge, near the Hatfield Marine Science Center. A map is located here.

PNWA and the Corps Portland District are co-hosting Permitting 101 for PNWA and OPPA members to meet with federal and State of Oregon agency staff to smooth out the permit application and review process.

The agenda will have three major parts:

Part One, an overview from the federal and state agencies on 1) the permit process with a description of the review, factors considered, timelines, relationship between agencies, etc., 2) the requirements of the application with suggestions on how to prepare a better application, and 3) opportunities for ports to speed up the process, such as, if this is appropriate, using agency-approved consultants to provide some of the analysis that the agency might otherwise have to do themselves, etc.

Part Two, an overview from the ports on the considerations they have in preparing a permit, such as relating the scope and budget of the review to the scope and budget of the project, working with clients in a competitive market place and how that affects the level of information that can be provided at different stages of the "deal", etc.

Part Three, a discussion of how the process might be adapted to accommodate each others' needs. Can guidelines be established, or a regional general permit developed, for routine actions that many ports engage in such as repairing or installing piling. Projects often transition from general site prep to more detailed work to meet client needs. Is there a way to accommodate reasonable changes in project descriptions without starting over in the queue? We will look to answer these questions, as well as focus on dredging and how to relate the Sediment Evaluation Framework to the permitting process.

Speakers include:
Kevin Moynahan: Regulatory Branch Chief, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Steve Gagnon: Project Manager - Lincoln County, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Benny Dean: Regulatory Team Leader/Project Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Jonathan Freedman: Northwest Ocean Dumping Coordinator, EPA
Mark Liverman: ESA Policy Analyst, NMFS
Alex Liverman: 401 Water Quality Certification Coordinator, Oregon DEQ
Juna Hickner: Coastal State-Federal Relations Coordinator, Oregon Coastal Management Program, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

Topics include:
Regulatory Permitting
Sediment Evaluation
Endangered Species
401 Water Quality Certification
103 Ocean Disposal
Coastal Zone Management

RSVP is required by May 6th. For more information and to RSVP today, please contact Heather Stebbings at 503-234-8553 or

Special thanks to our meeting sponsor, KPFF Consulting Engineers, for their support of this event!

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