PNWA 2012 Annual Meeting - October 9-11 - Vancouver, WA

2012 Annual Convention
October 9-11, 2012
Hilton Vancouver Washington
301 W. 6th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Reservations: 360-993-4500


PNWA’s 78th Annual Convention was an unparalleled success with a record number of members and friends in attendance.  Our agenda offered valuable information and updates on Pacific Northwest navigation, energy, trade and economic development issues, with presentations from some of the finest experts in our community.  The agenda also included the honoring Rep. Norm Dicks as our 2012 Legislator of the Year award and the presentation of our six 2012 Distinguished Service Awards.  These awards are an opportunity for PNWA to thank our friends and colleagues that have made an outstanding contribution to the PNWA mission.  Honorees for this year’s award include Lanny Cawley, Executive Director, Port of Kalama; Amber Hansen, General Manager, Port of Sunnyside; John Hicks, Chief, Navigation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District; Ken O’Hollaren, Executive Director, Port of Longview; Whit Olson, Regional Director, Foss Maritime Company; and Dianne Perry, former Port of Portland employee working on the Columbia River Channel Deepening project.  

SPECIAL THANKS TO: AECOM, BergerAbam, Columbia River Pilots, Columbia River Steamship Operators, Foss Martitime, Lewis Clark Terminal Association, Moffat & Nichol, PNGC Power, Port of Lewiston, Port of Longview, Port of Portland, Port of St. Helens, Port of Umatilla, Port of Vancouver USA, Port of Woodland, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, Shaver Transportation, The Dutra Group, and Westwood Shipping.  These sponsors truly help to keep meeting costs low and allow the PNWA staff to put together thoughtful and engaging agendas that appeal to our entire membership.   Thank you sponsors! 

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Full meeting agenda
Distinguished Service Award Winners
Puget Sound Partnership Update
MCR Jetties
National Working Waterfronts & Waterways Symposium
Northwest Corps Leadership - A Plan for the Year Ahead
BPA's 75 Years of Service to the Northwest and the Nation
Columbia Snake River System Long Range Planning
Northwest Port Innovations - Lessons from our Colleagues
PNWA Associate Member Highlights
New FEMA Rules Mandated by the Endangered Species Act
State of the Economy: Part III
Accomodating Larger Vessels - Ship Maneuverability & Channel Depth