Energy & Water Appropriations

PNWA supports an increase in the overall Corps of Engineers Civil Works budget to meet national needs. Insufficient operations and maintenance funding and the prospect of failing infrastructure and deferred maintenance threaten trade and transportation on the Seattle waterfront, along the Oregon, Washington and California coasts, and along the Columbia Snake River system. Federal navigation infrastructure must receive greater national attention, and funding must be increased to ensure that vital transportation facilities and harbors are maintained and deteriorated facilities are restored in the region and throughout the nation.

Why this matters to you:

Deep Draft Navigation: More than 60 million tons of cargo, worth $36 billion, moves in international trade across the docks of Oregon and Washington ports. The Puget Sound and Columbia River gateways are the largest or nearly the largest in the country for: containers; wheat, barley and corn exports; and automobile imports.

Columbia Snake River System Inland Navigation: Barging on the Columbia Snake River system carries 10-12 million tons of cargo worth $1.5-2 billion annually. Barging feeds 50% of the wheat exports and 25% of the containers handled at the Lower Columbia ports. It is the lowest cost, most fuel efficient, and cleanest mode of transportation. These projects also support cruise ship operations and regional tourism development.

Shallow Draft Commercial and Recreational Ports: These ports, home to fishing fleets, marinas and significant commercial and recreational facilities, are critical to the economic survival of their communities. Many have small populations, and thus provide employment for a significant proportion of community.

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