Working to protect the environment

PNWA works to protect the environment while preserving the economic value of resources affected by regional development, ESA-listed species, Biological Opinions, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and other environmental processes. PNWA policies balance the needs of trade, tourism, and economic development with environmental concerns and requirements. Individual PNWA member projects and efforts reflect this need for balance, allowing the Northwest to be environmentally responsible while remaining competitive in the commercial arena.


Sen. Cochran letter to FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate re: levees
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate's response to Sen. Cochran letter
NAFSMA President James Fiedler's letter to ASA Darcy re: levee vegetation
ASA Darcy's response to NAFSMA President James Fiedler
U.S. Congress letter to FEMA Administrator Craig Fuguate re: levees
PNWA supports the Columbia River Restoration Act (CRRA)

PNWA comments on FEMA's MO for Floodplain Management and the Endangered Species Act

FEMA's draft model ordinance (MO) for Floodplain Management and the Endangered Species Act
2010 Final Columbia River Toxics Reduction Action Plan
PNWA's comments on CEQ's Principles and Guidelines

PNWA Environmental Priorities
PNWA's Climate Change Agenda

PNWA members work to improve environment
Clean Diesel Initiative
Biological Opinion Fact Sheet
Addressing Regulatory Challenges in the Pacific Northwest
Endangered Species Act of 1973

Clean Water Act
Clean Air Act