Jetties at the Mouth of the Columbia River

PNWA is the lead organization advocating for the Columbia River jetties. We strongly support funding for continued jetty repair in FY2013.

Background: Significant improvements have been made to the north and south jetties, however it is critical that the entire program be completed. The first part of the jetty repair program focused on stabilizing the north jetty and was completed in 2005. The second part of the program was completed in 2007, at which time significant repairs were made to the south jetty as well. In March of 2007, the Corps identified an additional portion of the north jetty where significant erosion is occurring. While this is not an immediate threat to channel depth or safety, it will need to be addressed in the next few years.

The Corps is currently studying the long-term major maintenance needs of the jetty system, and is expected to release a Detailed Design Report shortly. Once this is complete, PNWA will be advocating for funding to support the long-term needs of the jetty structures.

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