Nor'wester 2004

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Issue # Date


177 Jan 14, 2004 Columbia River dredging ROD
BiOp check-in & new science released
PNWA Mission & reg'l meetings
178 Jan 28, 2004 Response to dam breaching advocates
Corps funding issues
New port security bill
Annual Report
179 Feb 2, 2004 President's budget is released
Funding levels for Portland district projects
Shallow ports zeroed out
180 Feb 6, 2004 Part 2 of President's budget
Funding levels for Walla Walla and Seattle districts
CEDER is official
181 March 3, 2004 PNWA 2004 Mission to Washington -- A Great Success!
182 March 17, 2004 TMT approves MOP+1
NW delegation looks at spill
PNWA FY05 E&W requests
USACE facility security
183 March 23, 2004 Strock nominated for Chief of Engineers
Murray is Port Person of Year
PNWA defends CSRS
184 March 31, 2004 New spill plan
NOAA BiOp for Snake River dredging
Senators support USACE security funds
185 April 9, 2004 Register now for PNWA Mid-Year Meeting
Channel suit
Support "5.5 in '05" for USACE
186 April 15, 2004 Snake River target of dam breaching advocates
PNWA meets with Woodley
BiOp update
187 May 3, 2004 Potential changes to hatchery policy
Mid-Year meeting update
Comments due for several proposals
188 May 11, 2004 Mid-Year Meeting
TSA opens fourth round of security grants
MTSNAC supports CEDER MTS study
189 May 18, 2004 BiOp revision deadline extended
Spill decision delayed
Delisting of runs unlikely
SeaTac 3rd runway
190 June 7, 2004 New PNWA Board members
PNWA recognizes two Corps leaders
Dredge contract awarded
191 June 23, 2004 Senate Committee votes to lift restrictions on Northwest dredges
192 June 25, 2004 WRDA highlights
House passes E&W approps
Channel Deepening PCA
Snake River dredging news
193 July 12, 2004 Gen. Strock takes command of Corps
Summer spill program moves forward
194 July 22, 2004

Snake River dredging
Committee passes ESA bill
Glaeser in command of NWW
Lani departing EPA

195 July 29, 2004 Judge Redden halts revised spill plan
Port of Port Angeles announces new executive director
196 Aug 13, 2004 President Bush visits Port of Portland and pledges support for channel deepening
197 Aug 19, 2004 Register now for PNWA Annual Meeting
Columbia Snake River System shipping summit
198 Aug 31, 2004 Action needed on dredge fleet & WRDA
NOAA Fisheries BiOp delayed
Fratt honored
199 Sept 10, 2004 NOAA Fisheries finishes draft biop
Register now for PNWA Annual Meeting
200 Sept 15, 2004 Death of PNWA Treasurer George C. Shaver
201 Sept 17, 2004 Port security grant awards
FY05 port security grant funding
Idaho Wheat Commission joins PNWA
202 Sept 24, 2004 50th anniversary of McNary Dam
Bonneville rate reduction
FFTF decommissioning
203 Sept 30, 2004 Lame duck session expected
Ocean Policy final report
PNWA Annual Meeting agenda released
204 Oct 11, 2004

NOAA's draft Biop
FY05 Homeland Security Approps
Ninth Circuit upholds Snake River dams

205 Oct 15, 2004 PNWA meets with Interior Secretary Gale Norton
REGISTER NOW! PNWA Annual Meeting in Portland, OR
206 Oct 21, 2004

Port of Portland announces expanded container service
GAO reports on aviation and maritime security R&D funding
Judge Lasnik hears Snake River dredging arguments

207 Nov 8, 2004 President Bush & Senator Smith help celebrate PNWA's 70th Anniversary
New PNWA Board & Exec. Committee members named
PNWA 2005 meeting dates announced
Northwest Power & Conservation Council public hearings continue
208 Nov 22, 2004 FY 2005 E&W Approps
HMTF Report
WRDA update
New spillway weir
PNWA welcomes new member: The Gallatin Group
209 Dec 10, 2004 Channel deepening construction to start in 2005
Security funding available to ports through federal grants to states
Navigation Operations Manager announced for USACE NWP
210 Dec 22, 2004 USACE performance measures
DHS seeks industry input on cargo security
CSRS lock outages
New PNWA members
Port of Coos Bay announces new General Manager