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409 December 16, 2011 FY2012 Corps of Engineers funding update - "additional" funding provided
408 December 15, 2011 House Appropriations Committee releases details of FY2012 budget
407 December 14, 2011 Columbia River Crossing
Lock outage meeting held yesterday
Judge James Redden steps down from the BiOp case
Bill introduced to assist small ports
Mission to Washington registration opens Thursday, December 15th
406 November 18, 2011 Energy & Water bill update
Congressional Ports Caucus formed
Feds release plan to comply with remand of FCRPS BiOp; will continue work with states and tribes
PNWA 2012 Regional Meetings and Mission to Washington, DC
PNWA finalizes 2012 Policies and Projects
405 October 4, 2011 Senate committee proposes increased Corps funding in FY2012, recognizes importance of small ports
404 September 8, 2011 Senate committee proposes increased Corps funding in FY2012, recognizes importance of small ports
403 September 7, 2011 PNWA Annual Meeting Details
Port of Siuslaw job announcement
MARAD announces listening sessions for the Panama Canal Expansion and America's Marine Highway Program
402 August 29, 2011 PNWA members and Congressional staff gather to learn more about the jetties
Lower Columbia River stern buoy project moving forward
Coastal dredging update
PNWA Annual Meeting - Hotel rooms are going fast
401 August 12, 2011 August TIGER webinar series announced
Register for the PNWA Annual Meeting
400 August 3, 2011 Judge Redden rules on 2008/2010 BiOp
399 July 27, 2011 Fourth Interim Report of extended lock closure study complete
USACE requests comments regarding levee screening process by August 25
PNWA Annual Meeting registration opens Monday, August 1
Reminder: PNWA GR Director resume submission deadline is Friday
398 July 26, 2011 Reminder: PNWA GR Director resume submission deadline is Friday
397 July 13, 2011 USDOT to hold 2011 TIGER Discretionary Grants Half-Day Seminar
396 July 8, 2011 PNWA is hiring: Government Relations Director
House Committee releases framework for transportation bill; Section 214 & HMTF language included
395 July 1, 2011 PNWA Executive Director Glenn Vanselow announces retirement; Kristin Meira named successor
394 June 16, 2011

House committee approves FY2012 Energy & Water Appropriations bill

393 June 6, 2011 House subcommittee releases FY2012 energy & water bill
ASA Darcy approves Section 107 stern buoy project
Sponsor the PNWA Mid-Year Meeting
392 June 2, 2012 Sen. Murray keynotes CSRS lock repair celebration
Save $25 - register for the PNWA Mid-Year Meeting by June 6
391 May 26, 2011 Administration releases Round 11 Port Security Grants
PNWA Mid-Year Meeting - Register today!
390 May 18, 2011 Corps of Engineers releases FY2011 work plan
PNWA hosts transportation briefing in Washington, DC
PNWA Mid-Year Meeting - Register today!
389 April 22, 2011 PNWA celebrates Earth Day
388 April 11, 2011 Federal Funding Update
Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Update
President nominates next Chief of Engineers: Lieutenant General Thomas P. Bostick
PNWA announces newest member: Columbia Grain
Free Webinar: The State of Flood Risk Reduction in the US
PNWA Mid-Year Meeting: Online registration opens Friday, April 15
387 March 23, 2011 FEMA, Corps respond to levee and floodplain mapping concerns
Redden sets salmon BiOp hearing for May 9th, 2011
Work continues on Columbia Snake locks as reopening of inland system is delayed
PNWA pursues increased funding for Northwest navigation projects
Port of Bandon joins PNWA
386 March 18, 2011 Army Corp announces delays for reopening some locks
385 March 4, 2011 PNWA advocates for MCR jetties in Washington, DC
384 March 1, 2011 Date change: PNWA's Permitting 101 now scheduled for May 13
Reminder: Extended lock outage conference call scheduled for today
Two weeks to register: PNWA Mission to Washington DC
383 February 17, 2011 U.S. supply chain event scheduled for February 25th
Rep. Greg Walden to speak at PNWA Mission to Washington
Sponsorship opportunities available for Taste the Northwest reception
382 February 14, 2011 Administration releases FY2012 Corps of Engineers budget
FEMA offers Puget Sound floodplain workshop
381 February 8, 2011

Federal funding update
Corps schedules annual Columbia Snake System Lock Users Meeting
Corps to host last conference call update on extended lock closure
Corps Annual Dredging and Resource Agency Coordination Meeting announced
PNWA announces newest member: Normandeau Associates, Inc.
Online registration available for PNWA Mission to Washington and Regional Meetings
Sponsorship Opportunities Available for Taste the Northwest reception

380 January 21, 2011

Regulatory meetings scheduled for January 24 and April 27
PNWA Mid-Year Meeting hotel announcement
Sponsorship opportunities available for Taste the Northwest
Port of Douglas County seeks executive director
Online registration available for the 2011 PNWA Mission to Washington and Regional Meetings