2009 Stimulus Package

The "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act", or "ARRA", was singed into law on February 17, 2009. As part of this stimulus package, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was directly appropriated $4.6B in funding, to increase investment in water resourcews infrastructure. The $4.6B included $2B for construction projects and $2.075B for operations and maintenance of existing projects.

On April 28, 2009 the Corps released the list of projects that willl receive additional funding in the bill. The following PNWA supported Northwest Corps Civil Works navigation and environmental restoration projects were included for stimulus funding:

Columbia River Channel Improvement Project - $26,600,000
Lower Columbia River Ecosystem Restoration - $3,180,000
Mt. St. Helens Sediment Control - $7,000,000
Operations & Maintenance
Columbia River at the Mouth - $380,000
Columbia & Lower Willamette Rivers below Vancouver/Portland - $5,145,000
Columbia River between Vancouver & The Dalles - $174,000
Lake Washington Ship Canal - $2,075,000
Coos Bay - $4,563,000
Tillamook Bay & Bar (Port of Garibaldi) - $13,297,000
Umpqua River (Port of Umpqua) - $659,000
Yaquina River (Port of Toledo) - $640,000
Siuslaw River (Port of Siuslaw) - $1,957,000
Operations & Maintenance (Inland projects)
Bonneville Lock & Dam - $7,601,000
The Dalles Lock & Dam - $5,203,000
John Day Lock & Dam - $25,454,000
McNary Lock & Dam - $4,050,000
Ice Harbor Lock & Dam - $3,704,000
Lower Monumental Lock & Dam - $52,000
Little Goose Lock & Dam - $1,402,000
Lower Granite Lock & Dam - $3,104,000

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