PNWA Fact Sheets and Backgrounders

Key PNWA issues

PNWA supported Corps Projects
Project-by-project summary of PNWA’s Northwest navigation funding needs

Columbia Snake River System 2016-2017 Extended Lock Closure
The federal government makes major investments in the inland barging channel during a 14-week closure in winter 2016-2017

Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)
PNWA priorities for future WRDA bills

Columbia River Channel Maintenance
With the completion of the Columbia River channel deepening project in November 2010, PNWA shifts focus to advocate for continued channel maintenance to the authorized depth of 43 feet

Jetties at the Mouth of the Columbia River
Need for jetty repairs, current status and PNWA’s appropriations request

Columbia River stern buoy project
PNWA supports funding for stern buoys needed at the Columbia River anchorages

Inland Waterways Trust Fund
PNWA supports a national dialogue to address funding shortages in the Inland Waterways Trust Fund

Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund
PNWA supports spending down the trust fund for its stated transportation infrastructure maintenance and development purposes

Columbia Snake River Biological Opinion (BiOp) Lawsuit
Current status and potential impacts

Columbia River Basin Restoration Act (CRBRA) 
PNWA supports funding for Columbia River cleanup

Programmatic Sediment Management Plan
Reviews alternatives for reducing and managing sedimentation

PNWA Regulatory Efforts in the Northwest

Columbia River Treaty
PNWA supports the consideration of navigation, hydropower, flood control, irrigation, recreation, and environmental needs during treaty review

Snake River Dams
PNWA supports the four Snake River dams and the energy, navigation, and trade benefits they bring to the Inland Northwest

IPNG Background Sheet

PNWA BiOp Handout

Background on ports, trade, transportation, and energy

Columbia Snake River System Navigation
Cargo and cruise ship activities, environmental benefits and state-by-state economic benefits of navigation

Lower Columbia River Ports
Port-by-port summary of navigation activities

Oregon coastal ports
Port-by-port summary of navigation benefits

Washington coastal ports
Port-by-port summary of navigation benefits

Port of Coos Bay
Planning for increased economic activity

Port of Grays Harbor
Planning for increased economic activity

Economic and environmental benefits

Environmental Initiatives by PNWA Members
Our members are working to improve environmental quality in their communities

Information on PNWA

PNWA – History and Overview

PNWA-Members List

PNWA Policies and Projects
A complete listing of all PNWA policy positions and supported infrastructure projects for 2017

PNWA Staff Bios