PNWA supported Corps Projects
PNWA advocates for robust annual funding for each of our supported navigation projects

PNWA Infrastructure Priorities

Seattle & Tacoma Harbor deepening projects
PNWA supports modernization of these harbors, to enhance cargo movement in our region

Grays Harbor
Grays Harbor channel deepening & maintenance supports one of the West Coast’s fastest growing ports

Jetties at the Mouth of the Columbia River
Rehabilitation of the jetties is critical to safe and efficient cargo movement over the Columbia River bar

Columbia River channel maintenance
Annual channel maintenance preserves the Columbia River as a leading international trade gateway

Inland Columbia & Snake River investments
The federal government continues to invest in the long term viability of barging on the river system

Snake River Dredging
PNWA’s goal: Support safe and efficient navigation on the Snake River

Port of Coos Bay
Deepening and widening the Coos Bay shipping channel will increase economic opportunities on the Oregon Coast

Columbia River Treaty
PNWA ensures the navigation perspective is represented in Columbia River Treaty discussions

Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)
PNWA supports a WRDA, and is working with our members to advocate for Northwest priorities

Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund
PNWA supports full spending of annual trust fund receipts and comprehensive reform to benefit all users

Inland Waterways Trust Fund
PNWA opposes lockage fees and supports efficient use of the fund for all regions of the U.S.

Washington coastal ports create jobs
Washington coastal ports help drive the economy for the state, region and nation

Oregon coastal ports create jobs
Oregon’s coastal ports support a vibrant fishing industry and are the economic drivers for their communities

Columbia Snake River System Navigation
Economic and environmental benefits of shipping on the river system

Lower Columbia River Ports
Port-by-port summary

Energy and Environment

Addressing regulatory challenges in the region
PNWA works with Congress and the federal agencies to improve the permitting process in our region

Addressing challenges with ESA Section 7 consultations for maintenance projects

Columbia River System Operations Environmental Impact Statement
PNWA provides the voice of navigation in CRSO EIS litigation

Hydropower produced by the Columbia Snake River System keeps our region powered up and ready for the 21st century

Environmental benefits of Snake River projects 
Navigation and energy benefits of Snake River dams

Columbia River Basin Restoration Act (CRBRA) 
PNWA supports funding for Columbia River cleanup

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Inland Ports and Navigation Group (IPNG) 
A group of PNWA members providing the navigation perspective in the courtroom