Pacific Northwest Waterways Association (PNWA) is a non-profit, non-partisan trade association that advocates for federal policies and funding in support of regional economic development.  Founded in 1934, our membership has grown to include over 150 entities. For over 90 years, PNWA members have advocated for efficient, reliable, and environmentally sustainable waterways. 

Who we are

PNWA is a collaboration of ports, businesses and public agencies who combine their economic and political strength in support of navigation, energy, trade and economic development throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Established as Inland Empire Waterways Association in 1934, PNWA’s first act was to petition President Roosevelt and Congress for funds to secure a navigation lock at Bonneville Dam. PNWA then led the way for Congressional authorization and funding to build the remaining seven locks and dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

In 1971 we expanded, adding Puget Sound and coastal members to provide a comprehensive regional perspective. Our membership has grown to include public ports, tug and barge companies, steamship operators, grain elevator operators, agricultural producers, forest products manufacturers, electric utilities, irrigation districts, other businesses, public agencies, and individuals throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

With 85 years of experience at the helm, PNWA works to ensure that our waterways are efficient, reliable, and environmentally sustainable.

What We do


PNWA connects you with Administration officials, Congressional representatives and committees, and
government agency partners


PNWA professionally advocates for projects and policies affecting our region.


PNWA provides you with the latest legislative and policy information to guide your decision-making.


Our diverse membership allows you to collaborate with over 150 like-minded organizations across the spectrum of economic development.