Economics of Lower Snake River Dredging

CEDER is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to educating and informing political and business leaders, media and the general public about the economic, social, political, historical and natural environment of the Columbia Basin, Puget Sound, the Oregon and Washington Coast and related estuaries and watersheds.

CEDER provides two distinct functions to fulfill its mission: developing basic informational materials to educate regional policy makers; and providing a forum to decision makers to establish a vision and set direction for the future of the region. Both the educational function and the regional policy function will provide valuable products that will improve regional policy development.

In 2014, CEDER was commissioned to evaluate arguments for foregoing federal navigation channel maintenance and instead breaching the Snake River dams.  CEDER’s researcher reported that due to “methodological and analytic errors, these comments cannot be relied upon in any way to suggest that the costs of dredging the Lower Snake River outweigh the benefits”.  To review this CEDER study on the Lower Snake River, click here.