Issue 255��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� November 8, 2006

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Breaking news: Northwest election results
Delegation disappointed with OMB proposals for BPA
Job opening: Port of Vancouver USA Communications Specialist

Breaking news: Northwest election results

Following are the currently reported results for the House, Senate and gubernatorial races in the Pacific Northwest.All races have been officially called in favor of the leader shown below. The two races that are still too close to call are the Montana Senate race and the 8th District House race in Washington.Incumbents are designated with a asterisk (*) next to their name.

PNWA will send an election update in the next few days, as the leadership changes in Congress take shape, and the changes are felt in the Northwest delegation.



Alaska������������� Sarah Palin (R)������������� 49%

Tony Knowles (D)���������� 41%


California�������� A. Schwarzenegger������� 56%

����������������������� Phil Angelides�������������� 39%


Idaho�������������� C.L. "Butch" Otter (R)���� 53%

Jerry Brady (D)������������� 44%


Oregon����������������������� ����������������������� TedKulongoski (D)*������������������� 51%

Ron Saxton (R)������������� 43%



�������� Dianne Feinstein*���������� 60%

Dick Mountjoy�������������� 35%


Montana��������� Conrad Burns (R)*��������� 48%

Jon Tester (D)��� 49%


Washington���� Maria Cantwell (D)*������� 58%

Mike McGavick (R)�������� 39%




Alaska������������� At large:����������� Don Young (R)*������������� 75%

Diane Benson (D)���������� 40%


California�������� District 1:��������� Mike Thompson (D)*������ 66%

John Jones (R)�������������� 30%


Idaho�������������� District 1:��������� Bill Sali (R)������������������� 50%

Larry Grant (D) ������������� 45%


District 2:��������� Mike Simpson (R)*�������� 63%

Jim Hansen (D)������������� 34%


Montana��������� At Large:���������� Denny Rehberg (R)*������ 59%

Monica Lindeen (D)������� 39%


Oregon����������������������� District 1:��������� David Wu (D)*��������������� 65%

Derrick Kitts (R)������������ 32%


District 2:��������� Greg Walden (R)*���������� 66%

Carol Voisin (D)������������ 31%


District 3:��������� Earl Blumenauer (D)*����� 75%

Bruce Broussard (R)������ 22%


District 4:��������� Peter DeFazio (D)*�������� 63%

Jim Feldkamp (R)���������� 37%


District 5:��������� Darlene Hooley (D)*������� 55%

Mike Erickson (R)��������� 42%


Washington���� District 1:��������� Jay Inslee (D)*�������������� 69%

Larry Ishmael (R)���������� 31%


District 2:��������� Rick Larsen (D)*����������� 66%

Doug Roulstone (R)������� 34%


District 3:��������� Brian Baird (D)*������������� 65%

Michael Messmore (R)�� 35%


District 4:��������� Doc Hastings (R)*��������� 58%

Richard Wright (D)�������� 42%


District 5:��������� Cathy McMorris (R)*������ 55%

Peter Goldmark (D)������� 45%


District 6:��������� Norm Dicks (D)* 71%

Doug Cloud (R)������������� 29%


����������������������� District 7:��������� Jim McDermott (D)*������� 79%

Steve Beren (R)������������ 16%


District 8:��������� Dave Reichert (R)*��������� 51%

Darcy Burner (D)����������� 49%


District 9:��������� Adam Smith (D)*����������� 66%

Steve Cofchin (R)���������� 34%


Delegation disappointed with OMB proposals for BPA

Fifteen U.S. House members from the Northwest sent a letter to OMB listing concerns about budget proposals for the Bonneville Power Administration. The letter identifies three recent proposals from the Administration that the delegation has opposed. Our Northwest members of Congress strongly urge the Office of Management and Budget to reject the three proposals while preparing the FY2008 budget proposal.

Market-based rates. The Administration's FY2006 budget proposal would have shifted BPA from cost-based to market-based rates. Congress rejected that proposal and it was not included in the President's FY2007 budget proposal. The delegation told OMB, "We remain strongly opposed to it".

Secondary sales revenue. The President's FY2007 budget proposal would have taken a portion of BPA's sales revenue away from BPA and used that revenue to help balance the budget. The letter tells OMB, "We strongly oppose this flawed proposal being revived in the FY2008 budget."

Transmission investment accounting. The delegation also addressed a proposal that was in the last three budget submissions. It would change how Bonneville accounts for certain financial arrangements used to fund transmission infrastructure improvements. At issue are third party agreements that do not create a taxpayer liability, but which OMB wants to score against BPA's borrowing authority. The delegation told OMB that their proposal would "bring regional transmission investment to a halt or force dramatic electric rate increases....We remain strongly opposed to this proposal".

The letter closes, "We have been very disappointed with OMB repeatedly ignoring the substantive concerns raised by members of the Northwest Congressional delegation about these Bonneville-related budget proposals. We urge you to reject their inclusion in the FY2008 budget." The letter can be viewed at on "Action Agenda", then "Energy, Salmon, Environment". The President's FY2008 budget proposal is due to be presented to Congress in February 2007.

Maintaining the lowest possible power rates is critical to the economic viability of the Pacific Northwest. The Administrations proposals to increase rates, divert revenue away from Bonneville and limit BPA's borrowing authority would have severe negative impacts on our regional economy. PNWA applauds the leadership of the Northwest delegation and joins them in urging the Administration to reject all such proposals.

Job opening: Port of Vancouver USA Communications Specialist

A full-time position of Communications Specialist is available at the Port of Vancouver USA.

This position assists in implementing and coordinating the port's media and public relations, marketing communications, and advertising plans as assigned by the Communications Manager and requires a high level of discretion and independent judgment.

A bachelor's degree and at least three years of experience in the communications-related field are strongly preferred. Salary range is $34,784 � $46,957. Interested candidates should contact Marie Day immediately at note that you saw the job opening in the PNWA Nor�wester.

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