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PNWA provisions included as House overwhelmingly passes 2007 WRDA bill
PNWA welcomes new member Ukiah Engineering, Inc.
Oregon Department of Transportation seeking information to develop Freight Mobility Planning project

PNWA provisions included as House overwhelmingly passes 2007 WRDA bill



Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to approve a 2007 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA).The bill (H.R.1495) was passed by a vote of 394 to 25, and all House members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana voted in favor of the measure.Focus now turns to the Senate, which has its own version of WRDA that was reported out of the Environment & Public Works Committee (EPW) on March 29th.The next step is for the full Senate to approve that bill.A conference committee of select members from the EPW and House Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committees will then be named, and will be charged with reconciling the differences between the two bills.The compromise document that is produced needs to be approved again by both chambers, and only then would it head to the President�s desk to be signed into law.This legislation is meant to be biennial, but the last WRDA bill was in 2000.


West coast hopper dredges


The manager�s amendment that accompanied the House WRDA bill to the floor contained PNWA�s supported language that would remove operating restrictions from the Essayons and Yaquina.  The manager�s amendment was adopted through a voice vote at the beginning of floor consideration for WRDA yesterday.We are pleased to report that this now puts the House and Senate WRDA bills in agreement on the Essayons and Yaquina, with matching language lifting restrictions on the number of days these federal hopper dredges may perform work.For more information on these dredges, visit


Section 214


�Section 214� was first authorized in WRDA 2000, and has been the subject of a great deal of PNWA and stakeholder efforts to avert sunset over the last few years.This authority allows non-federal government entities to provide additional funding for Corps regulatory activities, and is currently authorized through December 31, 2008.The House WRDA bill included an extension of the authority through 2010, which is a good start.However, PNWA will be urging conferees to accept the Senate WRDA language released a few weeks ago, which would make the authority permanent.To download PNWA�s fact sheet on Section 214, please visit


Additional PNWA provisions


Other PNWA-supported provisions contained in the House WRDA bill include deed restriction provisions for the Ports of Lewiston and Pasco, a siltation study for the Ports of Ilwaco and Chinook, language regarding the Port of Sunnyside�s aquatic ecosystem restoration project on the Yakima River, a provision allowing seismic considerations and additional non-federal funding for the Elliott Bay Seawall study, and dredge material placement provision for Puget Island in Wahkiakum County.




Besides the previously mentioned manager�s amendment, several other WRDA amendments were offered for consideration yesterday.Following is a short description of amendments of interest to PNWA members:


Stupak amendment: This amendment is similar to an amendment that Rep. Bart Stupak (D, MI-1) introduced when the House last voted on a WRDA bill, in July 2005.It would change the budgeting criteria used by the Corps for so-called low-use channels and harbors back to FY2004 budget guidelines, in an effort to capture more of the uses and benefits associated with these projects.The amendment was accepted on a voice vote.


Blumenauer amendment: This amendment from Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D, OR-3) directs the Corps to update the Principles and Guidelines that guide the Corps in project studies.PNWA has concerns about section (e)(2)(B), which would allow the newly updated Principles and Guidelines to be applied to a project already under study, if it is targeted by a non-federal entity.These project studies are cost-shared, often to the tune of many millions of dollars over several years, and to send them back to the drawing board to start over could lead to serious project study delays.The amendment was accepted on a voice vote.


Walden motion to recommit: As debate on the bill was concluding, Rep. Greg Walden (R, OR-2) made a motion to recommit the bill back to the T&I Committee so that an additional section could be added to address the economic and environmental benefits of hydropower. The motion to recommit failed by a party line vote of 193-224.


PNWA will be working closely with our West Coast members who serve on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Environment & Public Works committee to ensure that our supported provisions prevail in the conference committee and become law.To view PNWA�s WRDA documents, please visit


Staff Contact: Kristin Meira

PNWA welcomes new member Ukiah Engineering, Inc.

PNWA is excited to announce our newest member: Ukiah Engineering, Inc. (UEI).UEI is a Portland-based firm delivering sound engineering and management solutions with a unique focus on balancing design, cost, and schedule requirements.They call it Constructible Engineering.UEI is an Oregon based business,
whose principals are seasoned engineering professionals with extensive experience working on infrastructure and site development projects throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.UEI�s civil engineering
services are especially useful for land development and infrastructure enhancement projects.


Their scope of services include:

����������� Civil Engineering

                Sewer, Water, and Stormwater Drainage

                Subdivision and Site Grading

                Roadway and Transportation Engineering

                Water Quality Facilities

                Minor Structures

Construction Engineering

Construction Management

Project Management


Contact info:

Lisa Vuylsteke

Ukiah Engineering, Inc.

5319 SW Westgate Dr., Suite 113

Portland, OR97221

Phone: 503-297-6135

Fax: 866-370-4971


Staff Contact: Heather Kenneson

Oregon Department of Transportation seeking information to develop a Freight Mobility Planning project

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is seeking information from private or public entities for development and implementation of a statewide multimodal Freight Mobility Planning project. The project
willl collect and assess data and develop recommendations on key distribution channels in Oregon�s multimodal freight transportation system, including road, rail, marine, air and pipeline modes as well as intermodal connections and logistics. It will also evaluate and make recommendations on critical statewide multimodal trade corridors.

A Request for Information (RFI) to this effect was posted yesterday on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN), #730-00033-07:

If you and/or your organization have an interest in this project, please submit the information requested to ODOT, no later than April 26, 2007. The RFI includes specific instructions for development and submission of your reply.

Staff Contact:
Heather Kenneson

Pacific Northwest Waterways Association                      



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