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Register today for PNWA�s Annual Meeting, October 15-17, 2008

PNWA welcomes newest member, Bernert Barge Lines, Inc.

Ocean Action Plan launched

Oregon seeks recommendations on marine reserve sites



Register today for PNWA�s Annual Meeting, October 15-17, 2008

PNWA�s Annual Meeting is just two months away - make your plans to attend and register today!This 2008 event has something to offer every PNWA member and will provide you the opportunity to share your ideas and input with the Pacific Northwest navigation, trade and economic development community as we move forward together.You will also meet with informative and enthusiastic speakers, regional industry leaders, and federal agency staff, as well as PNWA staff and fellow members to set the policy agenda for 2009 and prepare our issues for the 2009 Mission to Washington, DCDon�t miss your chance to get involved today!


PNWA Annual Meeting, October 15-17, 2008

The Governor Hotel

614 SW 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205


PNWA room rate: $149/night
** To qualify for this rate, reservations must be made by September 21st, 2008 **

Featured Topics include:

An introduction to the new Corps leadership in our region

A pollster�s perspective of the upcoming federal election

Recent changes in the nature of transpacific trade

Permitting lessons learned: making the most of your agency partnerships

Successful community outreach and government relations strategies


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PNWA meetings are a great opportunity for you to show your support!Your sponsorship means a great deal to us and is an integral part of our meeting success, so please remember to indicate your level of sponsorship on your registration form.Every sponsor will be recognized during our breaks, lunches and reception, and throughout our meeting program.


Visit our website,, for more information and to view the 2008 Annual Meeting information and register today!


Staff Contact:Heather Kenneson


PNWA welcomes newest member, Bernert Barge Lines, Inc.

PNWA is very excited to announce our newest member, Bernert Barge Lines, Inc.Bernert is a family-owned tug & barge company that has been on the river system since the 1870's.  They mainly barge rock products, wood chips, logs, and agricultural products in containers.Additionally, they are always willing to look at ways to put their five boats and fleet of barges to work, doing such specialty moves as the Corps of Engineers juvenile fish run and a wide variety of river work.  Their highly-trained and experienced crews operate from Astoria to Lewiston and know the river system thoroughly.


Jerry Grossnickle, Bernert�s Governmental Affairs Representative, is the designated PNWA contact.For more information regarding Bernert Barge Lines, please contact Jerry at or (503) 289-3046.


Staff Contact:Heather Kenneson


Ocean Action Plan launched

The Governors of California, Oregon and Washington launched an Ocean Action Plan on July 29th, 2008 with support from a Federal Working Group led by the U.S. Department of Interior, EPA, and NOAA.The plan is the result of the 2006 Agreement on Ocean Health signed by CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, OR Gov. Ted Kulongoski and WA Gov. Chris Gregoire, committing them to a long-term partnership to battle the challenges facing the Pacific Ocean and its coastal communities.


The Ocean Action Plan commits the states and federal government to perform work on seven priority goals:

  • Ensuring clean coastal waters and beaches
  • Promoting healthy ocean and coastal habitats
  • Providing ecosystem based management of ocean and coastal resources
  • Evaluating the impacts of offshore development
  • Increasing ocean awareness and literacy
  • Increasing ocean and coastal scientific information, research and monitoring
  • Promoting sustainable economic development through diverse coastal communities


At this time, the governors have requested $5 million from the federal government to support execution of the action plan, which consists of 26 actions set to commence within 18 months.Examples of these actions include advocating for stricter ocean going vessel emission standards, preventing the introduction of invasive species, and exploring the offshore alternative ocean energy development.Benchmarks and a time frame for completion have been set for each action, and the governors have committed to reporting on the status of the actions at the end of two years.For more information, visit


Staff Contact: Glenn Vanselow


Oregon seeks recommendations on marine reserve sites

The state of Oregon is soliciting recommendations for sites to be considered for marine reserves.The locations proposed must be located within three nautical miles of the shoreline and contribute toward the research and management of ocean habitats and marine life.Approved sites would be have restrictions imposed regarding fishing, mining, drilling, development, and other activities.Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has publicly recognized the potential of negative economic impacts on coastal communities as a result of the reserves, and has issued an executive order that requires proposed sites minimize any adverse effects.PNWA�s policies include a statement that of support for the designation of coastal reserve areas that conserve the environment in a manner that ensures that port activities, navigation, trade, and commercial and recreational fishing are able to continue economically efficient operations.


The deadline for submitting a proposal is September 30th.For additional information and for proposal packets, visit the Oregon Marine Reserves website at assistance in preparing a proposal, contact Jeff Feldner of Oregon Sea Grant, 541-574-6537, or Cristen Don of the ODFW Marine Resources Program, 541-867-4741.


Staff Contact: Kristin Meira


Pacific Northwest Waterways Association