Nor’wester Newsletters

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Issue # Date Highlights
657 October 15, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Northwest ports highlighted by Congressional delegation and the 2018 Annual Convention
656 October 9, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: 2018 Legislator of the Year, Port of Morrow’s new general manager, orca updates and new members!
655 September 25, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Celebrating a year of successful navigation infrastructure maintenance in the Northwest
654 September 24, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Nor’wester: Snake River dams and orcas – the “debate” heats up
653 September 13, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: News flash! FY2019 Corps funding sails through Congress
652 September 12, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: FY2019 Energy and Water Appropriations to pass on schedule and Water resources bill agreement reached by House & Senate Committee leaders
651 September 5, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: State Department holding Town Hall meeting tomorrow night in Portland and Two Columbia Snake River celebration events this Saturday!
650 August 31, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Judge overturns two-year stay on implementing the 2015 WOTUS rule and so much more! 
649 August 27, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA is accepting nominations for the Walter H. Evans Memorial Award and Distinguished Service Awards
648 August 3, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester:  PNWA staff update, Feedback requested for Columbia Basin Partnership Task Force materials, PNWA office has moved!
647 July 27, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: LTG Semonite visits Portland, CRT events, Chairman Shuster draft infrastructure plan, and much more!
646 July 20, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: State Department announces CRT Town Hall in Portland, Proposed revisions to ESA and Comment period extended! 
645 July 5, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Summer Conference wrap up; Carpenters join PNWA, House approves sea lion legislation, and more!
644 July 4, 2018 Special July 4th Nor’wester: Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue visits Port of Vancouver
643 June 29, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Senate approves FY2019 Corps funding, Trump Administration proposes reorganizing the Corps
642 June 11, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Corps releases FY2018 workplan, includes great support for Northwest projects
641 June 8, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: House passes Corps funding bill, and much, much more! 
640 June 6, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: House passes 2018 WRDA
639 May 25, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Corps funding, WRDA update, and more!
638 May 24, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Columbia River Treaty negotiations will begin next week and so much more!
637 May 18, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee releases WRDA 2018 & Additional Details for FY2019 House Energy & Water bill  
636 May 14, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: U.S. Army Corps seeks proposals to Section 7001 of WRRDA 2014, Freight Multimodal Projects Funding Opportunity, and more!
635 May 10, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Senate Environment & Public Works Committee releases 2018 water resources legislation
634 May 7, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: House Appropriations Committee releases FY2019 Corps funding bill
633 April 30, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA at State Department’s Columbia River Treaty Town Hall, Columbia River System Operations EIS webinar May 30th and more!
632 April 25, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: H.R. 3144 passes House
631 April 23, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA staff and members participate in Congressional roundtable on WRDA and much more!
630 April 20, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Earthday 2018
629 April 17, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Columbia River Treaty town hall, FAA reauthorization, Mission recap and much more! 
628 March 23, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: FY2018 Omnibus passed by House, includes increased funding for the Corps
627 February 23, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Dredged material pilot program, Port of Chelan job opening
626 February 12, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: 2019 President’s Budget Release details
625 January 30, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: New ASA, 408 implementation update, Bill Newbry spotlight, and Taste the Northwest reception!
624 January 8, 2018 PNWA Nor’wester: Small ports get support, Vanport Marine joins PNWA, Port of Skagit spotlight, Port of Siuslaw job opening
623 December 11, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Congress funds government through December 22, Columbia River Treaty negotiations start in 2018 and more!
622 December 1, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Additional CRSO meeting on December 7th, new stern buoys, PNWA Spotlight and more!
621 November 15, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Port of Portland announces new container service at Terminal 6, CRSO public update meeting, and more
620 November 7, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA thanks Captain Paul Amos,2016 Fisheries of the U.S. report and more
619 October 26, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: WRDA discussions kick off, PNWA Member Spotlight, Port of Long Beach job posting
618 October 20, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Convention recap, 2018 lock closure, new Columbia River Treaty negotiator, PNWA regulatory efforts
617 October 6, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: New Corps leader nominated, Columbia River dredging meetings, Rep. Smith’s freight bill and more!
616 September 18, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: FY2017 TIGER deadline October 16, new MARAD administrator, Port of Seattle award and more!
615 August 16, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: August recess events, CRSO NEPA, and more!
614 July 3, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: HMTF reform bill, INFRA replaces FASTLANE, and DERA reauthorization proposed
613 June 29, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: House Energy and Water bill released & Trump Administration moves to withdraw WOTUS rule
612 June 28, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Summer Conference success, Columbia River Treaty efforts, DHS reauthorization, and much more!
611 June 1, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Robinhold is new Port of Portland Executive Director, FEMA grant training, Port of Chelan job, Port of Longview spotlight
610 May 24, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: FY2017 Corps workplan released
609 May 24, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: FY2018 Corps budget details released
608 May 19, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA supports FY2018 Corps funding, PSGP training seminars, Snake River festival and more!
607 May 17, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Omnibus grant funding details, AAPA Infrastructure Week briefing, and more!
606 May 8, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Coast Guard change of command, DERA applications open, Congressional letters on BiOp, and more!
605 May 1, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Omnibus details released
604 April 24, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: PSGP webinar, NOAA charting plan comment period open, new PNWA members! 
603 April 22, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Earth Day Nor’wester
602 April 5, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Lock closure update, Rep. DeFazio’s infrastructure funding bills, and more!
601 March 23, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA says farewell to Dan Boone, Mission recap, river locks reopen and more!
600 February 9, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: New Port of Vancouver CEO, NOAA Fisheries report, and more!
599 January 23, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA mourns passing of Matt Eames, Oregon delegation supports small ports, Rep. Newhouse joins Appropriations Committee, job postings and more!
598 January 6, 2017 PNWA Nor’wester: Federal Agencies extend scoping period, new House Committee leadership roles, and more!
597 December 12, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: WRDA and CR pass, extended closure begins and more!
596 December 5, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: WRDA conference report released
595 November 29, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Rep. McMorris Rodgers weighs in on Snake River dams; spotlight on Port of Toledo, and more!
594 November 10, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: 2nd round of FASTLANE Grants and more!
593 October 10, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Columbia Snake River dams methane study; Congressman Smith introduces freight bill; new PNWA members!
592 September 30, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: New FCRPS BiOp Process Begins
591 September 29, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: House WRDA Passes; Congress passes CR
590 September 23, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: House WRDA Managers Amendment released; EPA releases report on port emissions; new PNWA member! 
589 September 15, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Senate WRDA passes; Barry Thom is NOAA West Coast Regional Adminstrator
588 September 13, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Senate WRDA progress; Successful PNWA Regulatory Workshop
587 September 8, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester:  Senate resumes WRDA work; Port of Longview announces new CEO; and more!
586 August 30, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester:  August Congressional Tour and ConnectOregon Recipients
585 August 16, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester:  Columbia Basin Partnership nominations open; upcoming conferences; and more!
584 August 4, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester:  Corps recommends 57′ for Seattle Harbor; Everett and Portland TIGER grants;Plas Newydd joins PNWA and more!
583 July 18, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester:  Corps accepts comments on NWPs, changes in regional Corps and USCG leadership 
582 July 7, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Fastlane & PSGP recipients announced, BiOp schedule released, new PNWA members and more!
581 June 24, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: New logo; New member; Extended Closure update; Senate WRDA letter; USACE Change of command
580 May 26, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: House WRDA bill passes out of Committee, Controversial amendments stall House Energy & Water bill
579 May 20, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: House WRDA bill released
578 May 12, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA Nor’wester: Senate passes FY2017 Energy & Water Development Appropriations bill
577 May 10, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: PNWA Nor’wester: Former PNWA staffer joins Bonneville Power Administration; Department of Homeland Security seeking comments; MARAD funding opportunity; 2016 Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund
Special May 6, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Judge Simon rules on Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) Biological Opinion (BiOp) lawsuit
576 April 27, 2016  PNWA Nor’wester: Senate WRDA Draft released
575 April 25, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: DC Update – Appropriations & WRDA; Diesel Emission Reduction Act extension proposed; Northwest delegation continues efforts for small ports; Release of Draft EIS for Millennium Bulk Terminal project announced; Corps Announces Spring Navigation Meeting 
Special 2016 Earth Day Edition April 22, 2016 Special 2016 Earth Day Edition 
574 April 13, 2016 Senate Energy & Water Development Subcommittee Approves FY2017 Appropriations Bill; PNWA featured in river system coverage
573 April 12, 2016  PNWA Nor’wester: House releases FY2017 Energy & Water Development Appropriations bill
572 March 31, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: 2016 Mission a great success; Ice Harbor Navigation lock tour; Port of Vancouver releases new ads and a new member joins PNWA!
571 March 9, 2016 Largest container ship to visit the U.S. makes call on Seattle; Navigation stakeholders seek $1.28 billion in FY2017 HMTF spending, $2.8 billion for Corps navigation programe; 2016 PNWA Mission to Washington starts soon
570 February 29, 2016 PNWA Nor’wester: Record number of Snake River redds recorded in Snake River; U.S. Department of Transportation announces 8th round of TIGER funding; U.S. Department of Transportation Freight Summit webinar; Updated PNWA Supported Projects factsheet; New PNWA Member
569 February 19, 2016 PNWA President Paul Amos Awarded “Old Salt” award by Maritime Commerce Club; FEMA announces deadline for FY2016 Port Security Grant Applications
568 February 9, 2016 Support of Northwest navigation in Administration’s FY2016 workplan and FY2017 budget
Press Release February 9, 2016 PNWA applauds Snake River ruling
567 February 8, 2016 Obama Administration to release FY2017 budget tomorrow; Register for the 2016 Mission to DC
566 February 3, 2016 Register for the 2016 Mission to DC; PNWA Executive Director participates in WRDA rountable; PNWA welcomes new member
565 January 11, 2016 Register for the 2016 Mission to DC; MARAD small shipyard grant opportunity; 2016 Annual Maintenance outage dates announced
564 December 18, 2015 Oregon and Washington Senators send small ports support letter to Administration
563 December 16, 2015 Omnibus agreement reached, expected to pass by end of week
562 December 9, 2015 Congress passes five-year transportation bill
561 December 2, 2015 Oregon and Washington House Delegation stands up for small ports
560 November 17, 2015 Surface Transportation bill moves to Conference; Snake River Chinook Returns continue to break records; Port Security Grant Program for Columbia Willamette Snake Rivers Survey; New PNWA member
559 November 5, 2015 Millennium environmental review delayed again by agencies; NOAA releases 2014 Fisheries of the United State report; Lt. Colonel Vail responds to opponents of Snake River Dams; Updated PNWA Supported Projects
558 October 29, 2015 Remembering Dr. Fred Bennett, Maritime Transportation System Committee releases federal funding handbook and much more!
557 October 16, 2015 PNWA Interviewed on; WOTUS Implementation delayed; Walla Walla District Commander writes op-ed supporting Snake River Dams
556 August 14, 2015 PNWA Member David Doeringsfeld Guest Editorial
555 August 12, 2015 PNWA says farewell to Jim Neva; NOAA preserves Buoy 46089; PNWA welcomes Port of Gold Beach
554 August 4, 2015 CEDER analysis of Snake River dams study prompts response; PNWA announces new member
553 July 17, 2015 USACE Northwestern Division leadership change of command ceremony;PNWA celebrates the 10-year anniversery of the fish weir at Ice Harbor dam; Summit Strategies joins PNWA!
552 July 7, 2015 PNWA Featured on OPB’s Think Out Loud 
551 June 25, 2015 Senators Cantwell, Murray, Booker, and Markey introduce new national transportation bill; Newhouse-Herrera Beutler hydro amendment passes House; Job Openings; PNWA welcomes new members
550 June 19, 2015 CEDER study questions validity of Waddell claims on Snake River dams; Progress marks the release of NOAA sockeye recovery program
549 June 8, 2015 PNWA welcomes new member RSEC Environmental & Engineering Consulting, Inc; Washington Wheat Growers take on Patagonia misinformation on Snake River Dams
548 May 29, 2015 MARAD announces new grant programs;Final Waters of the US rulemaking released; Corps announces plans for 14-week Columbia River Snake System lock closure
547 May 22, 2015 Senate Appropriations approves FY2016 Energy and Water bill; Members of the Oregon delegation introduce bill to reduce toxins in Columbia River Basin; PNWA announces PROCESS INC. as our newest member
546 May 19, 2015 Senate Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee approves FY2016; NOAA Customer Survey
545 May 14, 2015 Jetty repairs, DERA grants, PNWA weighs in on FFRMS, and Port of Peninsula joins the association
544 May 1, 2015 House passes FY2016 Energy & Water Development Appropriations bill, Idaho House of Representatives passes resolution in support of the Snake River dams and more!
543 April 27, 2015 Outside money funds ads targeting Northwest infrastructure
542 April 22, 2015 House Appropriations Committee passes Energy & Water bill PNWA 2015 Earth Day Email
541 April 16, 2015 Northwest Congressional Delegation letter to President Obama on Columbia River Treaty
540 April 14, 2015 FY 2016 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill, Snake River Dams resources, and more!
539 April 8, 2015 Mission recap, 5 new members join PNWA and more!
538 February 26, 2015 PNWA announces new Snake River dams website
Snake River dredging complete
US Army Corps of Engineers announces change of leadership at Northwestern Division
Oregon ports solicit federal advocacy services
537 February 3, 2015  FY2015 Corps Workplan Released
536 February 2, 2015  FY2016 President’s Budget Released
Press Release Snake River dredging to move forward
535 January 12, 2015 Maintenance dredging begins on the Lower Snake River
PNWA announces new Government Relations Associate
Registration open for Mission to Washington, DC
534 December 17, 2014 President Obama signs Cromibus
Senate passes tax extender bill, includes inland fuel tax increase
Terrorism Risk Insurance Act set to expire
533 December 15, 2014 Senate passes funding bill
532 December 11, 2014 House passes cromnibus, spending bill heads to Senate
531 December 10, 2014 Details of FY2015 funding bill released
Portland and Walla Walla Districts announce 2015 Annual Maintenance Lock Closure
From the Port Manager…To dredge or not to dredge?
530 November 17, 2014 Corps finalizes plan for Snake River dredging
529 October 28, 2014 PNWA welcomes new member-The American Waterways Operators
PNWA featured on Washington Grown
EPA to host webinars regarding Waters of the United States proposed rule
Clarification or Land Grab? How EPA’s Proposal to Redefine “Water” to Include Dry Land Expands Agency Jurisdiction Beyond Historical Limits
528 October 23, 2014 PNWA 2014 Annual Convention was a success!PNWA joins more than 400 organizations to support “Hit the HMT Target!” campaign
USACE Walla Walla District Fall Navigation Meeting announced
Port of Lewiston releases Economic Impact Study
527 September 22, 2014 PNWA 2014 Distinguished Service Award Winners Announced
Early registration rate expires tomorrow, Tuesday September 23rd
EPA announces grant opportunities to reduce diesel emissions at ports
USACE to hold fourth and final WRRDA listening session
PNWA Member Reminder: Please send your thoughts on Clean Water Act Proposed Rule
PNWA Member Reminder: Please submit changes to Policies and Projects document by Friday, September 2.
526 September 19, 2014 Government shutdown averted with passage of continuing resolution (CR); Ex-Im also extended
PNWA working to hit the HMTF target!
Call for Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) reauthorization
Save the Date-2014 Regional Sediment Evaluation Team Annual Meeting
Port Westward is hiring a Terminal Manager
525 September 4, 2014 Corps releases Final EIS for Snake River Programmatic Sediment Plan
Port of Everett names new CEO

Port of Seattle names new CEO
Job Opportunity at CRSOA for an Executive Director
Request for Abstracts-Global Conference on Inland Fisheries
524 July 24, 2014 Senate releases FY2015 Energy & Water Bill
Corps schedules WRRDA Listening Sessions
State funds available for freight rail projects
523 July 11, 2014 Details of House FY2015 Energy & Water Development bill released
Job Announcements
522 July 8, 2014 PNWA is hiring!
521 June 30, 2014 PNWA’s Summer Conference a success!
Bill Chapman Named CEO of Millenium Bulk Terminals-Longview
The Port of Coos Bay is hiring for an Environmental Specialist
520 June 18, 2014 FY2015 Senate Energy & Water bill summary released
Next round of FCRPS BiOp litigation kicked off with complaint from Earthjustice, et al
519 June 17, 2014 Details of House FY2015 Energy & Water Development bill released
518 June 11, 2014 FY2015 Energy & Water Development bill passed out of subcomittee
Comment deadline extended for Waters of the United States proposed rule
Maritime Administration accepting Marine Highway project applications
PNWA’s Summer Conference is just around the corner-register today!
517 June 10, 2014 WRRDA bill signed into law
516 June 4, 2014 Port of Everett receives Presidential Award for Export Service
PNWA staffing update
PNWA’s Summer Conference is just around the corner-register today!
515 May 28, 2014 Longview Daily News highlights Columbia River Investments in two part feature
PNWA submits comments in support of North Jetty repairs
Northwest stakeholders reflect on impressive salmon returns
New speakers announced for PNWA Summer Conference, discounted registration ends 5/30!
Port of Moses Lake seeks Executive Director
514 May 22, 2014 Senators Boxer and Vitter Applaud Final Passage of WRRDA
513 May 20, 2014 House passes Historic Measure to Strengthen Water Resources Infrastructure & America’s Competitiveness
512 May 15, 2014 WRRDA Conference Report Released-Positive News for the Northwest!
511 May 9, 2014 Agreement reached in WRDA/WRRDA conference
510 May 8, 2014 PNWA Welcomes our new member-GEI Consultants (GEI)
Future of Navigation-21st Century Waterways public listening sessions announced
Walla Walla District Spring Navigation Meeting
Obama Administration releases GROW AMERICA Act
509 April 22, 2014 PNWA welcomes Tereza Edwards, new Administrative Assistant
Little Goose navigation lock now in service
Happy Earth Day! 2014 Member Environmental Highlights
Application deadlines extended for Port of Astoria and World Trade Center Tacoma Executive Director
508 April 16, 2014 PNWA welcomes COL Aguilar, incoming NWP Commander
Northwest Congressional Delegation delivers message on Columbia River Treaty
ODOT seeking Federal Affairs Advisor
507 April 15, 2014 Registration open now for PNWA’s Summer Conference
Mike Ott selected as NWP Channels & Harbors Operations Project Manager
506 April 11, 2014 House passes Coast Guard Maritime Transportation Act
Dedging exhibit opens at Oregon History Museum on May 1st
Ports of Seattle and Tacoma selected for EPA DERA grants
Port of Everett seeks Executive Director/CEO
505 April 3, 2014 PNWA members and colleagues tour John Day and Little Goose Dams
PNWA requests environmental project updates from membership by 4/16
World Trade Center Tacoma and Port of Astoria seeking Executive Directors
504 March 25, 2014 Additional repairs needed at Little Goose navigation lock
503 March 19, 2014 PNWA Mission to Washington a success!
FEMA announces 2014 Port Security Grant Program
PNWA seeking Administrative Assistant (part time)
Port of Coos Bay hiring Finance Manager and Communications Manager
PNWA congratulates Don Mann on his retirement
502 March 6, 2014 FY2015 budget update
501 March 4, 2014 Project funding amounts for FY2014 and FY2015
500 March 4, 2014 PNWA supported projects win big in FY14 workplan and FY15 budget
499 February 27, 2014 Rep. Jim McDermott announces House companion bill to Maritime Goods Movement Act
Availability of TIGER grants announced
PNWA mournes Gerald Druffel, former Port of Whitman County Commissioner
498 February 13, 2014 Rep. Doc Hastings announces retirement
497 January 29, 2014 Elliot Mainzer named BPA Administrator
Sheryl Carrubba appointed NWD Navigation Porgram Manager
New report highlights views on salmon recovery
Society of American Military Engineers Symposium November 3-6
PNWA staffing transitions
Upcoming lock and dam tours
Register today for PNWA’s Regional Meetings and Mission to Washington!
496 January 17, 2014 FY2014 omnibus signed into law
New FCRPS BiOp released by federal agencies
Port of Garibaldi seeking a General Manager
495 January 14, 2014 Energy & Water Appropriations bill released as part of FY2014 omnibus
494 January 8, 2014 EPA to convene second National Conversation on Ports on January 14
Northwest Senators send letter in support of Section 214 permanence
PNWA welcomes Tesoro Savage to the membership
Registration open for PNWA Regional Meetings and Mission to Washington
493 December 19, 2013 Senate passes budget, paves way for FY2014 omnibus
492 December 13, 2013 Final “Regional Recommendation for the Future of the Columbia River Treaty after 2024” released
491 December 10, 2013 Corps of Engineers 2014 annual lock maintenance closure scheduled
490 December 9, 2013 PNWA Vice President provides testimony to House members at Columbia River Treaty hearing
Career opportunities at the Port of Cascade Locks and Columbia Basin Irrigation District
489 November 21, 2013 Members of the Northwest Congressional delegation demonstrate strong support for small ports
488 November 19, 2013 Rep. Simpson named Energy and Water Chairman for House Appropriations Committee
Northwest delegation, PNWA and partners send letters in support of Section 214 permanence
487 November 14, 2013 Rep. Defazio and Rep. Hastings to serve on WRDA Conference Committee
486 November 14, 2013 PNWA staff advocates for navigation in Senate hearing on Columbia River Treaty
Value of barging highlighted by Port of Walla Walla in Union-Bulletin
PNWA thanks COL Eisenhauer for his service in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
485 October 25, 2013 PNWA files comments on Columbia River Treaty draft recommendation
484 October 23, 2013 House passes water resources legislation
483 October 22, 2013 WRRDA amendments and Committee Report released; House vote tomorrow
PNWA welcomes Almota Elevator Company and Van Ness Feldman to the membership
482 October 17, 2013 Shutdown ends, government funded through January 15
House will take up WRRDA next week
481 October 15, 2013 Corps Regulatory Offices close due to government shutdown
480 October 8, 2013 PNWA Annual Convention Recap
ConnectOregon V application materials now available
479 September 20, 2013 Columbia River Treaty Update: U.S. Entity releases Draft Regional Recommendation
478 September 19, 2013 House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee passes WRRDA
PNWA celebrates record salmon runs on the Columbia River
MTSNAC accepting nominations for advisory council members
Sponsorship opportunities still available for PNWA Annual Convention
477 September 17, 2013 Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell introduce the Maritime Goods Movement Act
476 September 13, 2013 House WRRDA bill – PNWA report
State of Oregon contributes funds to the Corps to dredge coastal ports
PNWA welcomes the Port of Everett to the membership
475 September 12, 2013 House WRRDA introduced
New FCRPS BiOp released by federal agencies
Columbia River Treaty Update: Navigation Concerns
Discounted rates for PNWA Annual Convention available until 9/18
Port of Moses Lake seeks Director of Business Development
474 August 20, 2013 PNWA provides tours of river system for Congressional staff
President signs McMorris Rodgers’ “Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act” in law
PNDC seeking Procurement Counselor & Project Manager
473 August 20, 2013 Benefits of Snake River barging continue to grow
472 August 16, 2013 Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell announce HMTF reform bill
PNWA files comments on Columbia River Treaty “working draft recommendation”
PNWA files comments on draft comprehensive evaluation of FCRPS BiOp
471 August 7, 2013 House water resources legislation to be considered in September
Columbia River Treaty navigation stakeholder meeting scheduled; deadline nears for public comment on U.S. Entity’s working draft
Register today for the PNWA Annual Convention – October 2-4, 2013
470 July 29, 2013 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers releases video to emphasize mission
Registration for PNWA’s Annual Convention now open!
Career Opportunities at the City of Valdez and Port of Newport
469 July 12, 2013 House approves FY2014 Energy & Water Appropriations bill
468 July 2, 2013 PNWA welcomes American Construction to the membership
U.S. Entity releases Columbia River Treaty “Working Draft of a Regional Recommendation” for public comment
PNWA in the news
Northwest delegation members join Representative Larsen in sending letter of support for Section 214
467 June 28, 2013 PNWA’s 2013 Summer Conference a success!PNWA celebrates our colleagues’ transitions
Rep. Herrera Beutler champions small ports; $30M included in House and Senate bills
Reminder: ASCE PORTS ’13 Conference registration open
East Columbia Irrigation District seeking Staff Engineer and GIS/IT Technician
466 June 25, 2013 FY2013 Corps work plan released; highs and lows for Northwest navigation
Senate Energy & Water Development Subcommittee completes mark up of FY2014 bill
465 June 21, 2013 USACE Northwestern Division leadership change on the horizon
464 June 19, 2013 House Appropriations Committee releases FY2014 Energy & Water Appropriations Bill
463 May 23, 2013 Rep. Rick Larsen to speak at PNWA Summer Conference!
DHS/FEMA announces 2013 Port Security Grant Program
The Merchants Exchange of Portland is seeking a highly skilled Administrative Professional
462 May 21, 2013 PNWA sends letters urging support of NOAA FY14 budget
PNWA welcomes Collins Engineers, Inc. and ENVIRON International Corporation to our membership
PNWA Summer Conference updated draft now available, raffle items needed
Comment period extended for CEQ’s Principles and Requirements draft Interagency Guidelines
AAPA Maritime Economic Development Workshop June 27th-28th
Reminder: ASCE Ports 13 Conference registration open
East Columbia Irrigation District seeking Development Coordinator and Seasonal Engineering Technician
461 May 15, 2013 Senate passes WRDA, bill now heads to the House
Interactive SAGE Center opens at Port of Morrow in Boardman, OR
Reminder: Register today for PNWA’s Summer Conference!
460 May 15, 2013 PNWA mourns the loss of Don Hosford
Odessa Subarea Special Study Record of Decision signed
PNWA welcomes BNSF and Columbia County Grain Growers to our membership
Register today for PNWA’s Summer Conference
459 May 9, 2013 PNWA HMTF policies modified
TIGER 2013 Port Outreach Seminar scheduled for May 10th
ASCE Ports ’13 Conference registration open
Register today for PNWA’s Summer Conference!
458 May 8, 2013 Debate begins on Senate WRDA bill; Manager’s Amendment includes updated language regarding HMTF and IWTF
457 May 2, 2013 TIGER 2013 webinars announced for May 3rd and May 6th
EPA to provide informational webinars on DERA national competition May 13th and 14th
456 April 30, 2013 Senator Wyden and colleagues voice support for small ports
TIGER 2013 application materials available, due by June 3rd
Navigation funding and jetties featured on Northwest Ag Information Network Broadcasts
Register today for PNWA’s Summer Conference!
455 April 12, 2013 PNWA Summer Conference registration opens Monday!
MARAD accepting applications for Small Shipyard Grants Program
Upcoming public meeting regarding TWIC Reader Rule – May 2nd
454 April 10, 2013 FY14 Budget released today
453 April 9, 2013 Columbia River Treaty Update-Upcoming Meetings
PNWA staff facilitate Transportation 101 briefing in Washington DC
452 March 29, 2013 FY2013 Continuing Resolution signed by President Obama
New Principles and Guidelines proposed by Council on Environmental Quality
451 March 20, 2013 Senate EPW passes WRDA bill
450 March 20, 2013 Northwest small ports highlighted for Members of the U.S. House of Representatives
Senate WRDA bill released; scheduled for markup on Wednesday, March 20
TIGER Grants for Job Creation Act reintroduced in 113th Congress
PNWA staff and members tour Columbia Snake River System Dams
Mark Wilson appointed Executive Director of the Port of Kalama
449 March 12, 2013 PNWA members deliver policy and funding messages in  Washington DC
448 February 22, 2013 PNWA continues efforts despite delays in federal funding process
U.S. DOT accepting nominations for National Freight Advisory Committee
447 February 20, 2013 PNWA mourns longtime member Wally Hickerson
446 February 7, 2013 Efforts to support small waterways continue
HMTF activity continues in the Senate
PNWA partners with AAPA and NWC to support Section 214 permanence
Lanny Cawley, Executive Director of the Port of Kalama, announces retirement
PNWA welcomes Idaho AFL-CIO to our membership
Upcoming PNWA Events
Corps hosts Columbia Snake System Lock Users Meeting in conjuction with PNWA’s Lower Columbia River/OR Coast Regional Meeting
445 January 24, 2013 RAMP legislation introduced in the House
Opportunity to comment: Lower Snake River PSMP
Columbia River Treaty Update – Opportunity for Stakeholder Comment
PNWA welcomes three new members!
Upcoming PNWA Events
444 December 21, 2012 Governor Kitzhaber sends letter to the Administration in support of small ports
443 December 18, 2012 NMFS convenes recovery “situational assessment” effort; PNWA invited to participate
Corps releases draft Lower Snake River PSMP for public comment; PNWA, members to weigh in
PNWA members meet with Corps to discuss Columbia River Treaty Efforts
New committee assignments for Members of the NW Delegation
PNWA is pleased to announce two new members!
Upcoming National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium, March 25th-28th 2013
442 November 20, 2012 Members of Northwest Delegation demonstrate support for small ports; send letter to the President
441 November 9, 2012 Draft WRDA bill released, includes HMTF and IWTF provisions
440 October 26, 2012 PNWA celebrates successful stern buoy installation
PNWA welcomes two new members
Request for membership referrals
Call for WRDA projects
439 October 24, 2012 Sen. Alexander to introduce “American Waterworks Act”; major overhaul proposed for IWTF & HMTF
438 October 16, 2012 PNWA Annual Convention highlights
PNWA welcomes two new members!
Regional Sediment Evaluation Team (RSET) meeting
Invitation to attend Walla Walla Fall Navigation Meeting
AAPA seeks Manager of Government Relations
437 September 25, 2012 PNWA welcomes Natalie Whitlock, new Membership Manager
436 September 24, 2012 Congress passes six month continuing resolution (CR)
Sen. Merkley highlights Section 214 and Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund at WRDA hearing
American Society of Civil Engineers issues “Failure to Act” report on America’s infrastructure
PNWA Annual Convention – Full agenda is now available
Trade and transportation employment opportunities
435 September 19, 2012 Port of Skagit celebrates commencement of Swinomish Channel dredging
Bonneville Dam celebrates 75 years
PNWA Annual Convention – Full agenda is now available
434 August 3, 2012 U.S. Department of Transportation awards grants for State Highway projects
Hastings introduces dam protection bill; Committee to hold field hearing in Pasco
U.S. Coast Guard reallocates FY2008 Port Security Grant Program funds
PNWA Annual Convention
433 August 1, 2012 PNWA Annual Convention – Online registration opens today!
Six month continuing resolution (CR) in the works
COL Anthony Funkhouser named as leader of the Northwestern Division
Now accepting nominations for PNWA Distinguished Service Awards
PNWA announces new member – ICF International
Port of Coos Bay seeking applicants for Harbormaster 
432 July 27, 2012 Port of Longview announces new CEO
Glen Squires to lead Washington Grain Commission
PNWA Annual Convention online registration opens Wednesday, August 1
431 July 17, 2012 Change of Command for Corps Walla Walla District
Oregon’s small coastal projects featured in national magazine
PNWA accepting resumes for Membership Manager
430 July 13, 2012 Washington State Transportation Commission requests input
Corps to host webinar on Port and Inland Modernization report
Corps and Washington Department of Ecology offer free permitting workshops
PNWA accepting resumes for Membership Manager
Columbia River Steamship Operators Association opens search of Executive Director
429 July 6, 2012 PNWA accepting resumes for Membership Manager
428 July 2, 2012 Columbia River jetties Major Rehab Report approved
Surface Transportation reauthorization bill passed; freight and HMTF provisions included
Secretary Darcy responds to coal terminal permitting expansion requests
PNWA Summer Conference – a tremendous success
PNWA welcomes newest member – Evergreen Engineering
Heather Stebbings named PNWA Government Relations Director
Port of Cascade Locks opens search for Manager of Economic Development
427 June 25, 2012 BPA Administrator Steve Wright announces retirement
TIGER grants announced; three awarded in Northwest, including Port of Lewiston
PNWA Summer Conference begins Wednesday, June 27
426 June 21, 2012 Corps releases Panama Canal Study
Columbia River Treaty Review – public listening sessions
Ice Harbor Lock & Dam celebrates 50 years
PNWA Summer Conference agenda is finalized
425 June 8, 2012 PNWA friend Ernie Boston passes away
House approves FY2013 energy & water bill
PNWA supports permanent trade relations with Russia
PNWA Summer Conference agenda is finalized
424 May 16, 2012 PNWA seeking assistance from membership regarding regulatory policies
National Ocean Policy update
Join us! PNWA Open House – Friday, June 1st
PNWA Summer Conference: Register Today!
PNWA welcomes newest member: Morrow Pacific
Port of Longview opens search for Chief Executive Officer
423 May 2, 2012 House and Senate committees approve Energy & Water bills
Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund
PNWA Summer Conference – Online Registration
422 April 25, 2012 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee addresses HMT spending policy
PNWA Summer Conference: Online registration is now available
PNWA headquarters is moving 
Special Edition April 22, 2012 Celebrating Earth Day – PNWA member environmental initiatives and achievements
421 April 20, 2012 Subcommittee tackles FY2013 Energy & Water Appropriations bill
Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) Provision included in the House Transportation Reauthorization bill
PNWA submits comments to the Maritime Administration (MarAd) and Institute for Water Resources (IWR)
PNWA headquarters is moving
NAFSMA requests submissions for 2012 Communications Awards
420 April 17, 2012 PNWA Executive Director to testify at Congressional hearing
419 April 5, 2012 Inland Waterways Investment Infrastructure bill introduced in the House
Transportation Reauthorization/Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Updates
USACE IWR Releases Working Draft Report for Port and Inland Waterways Modernization
PNWA headquarters is moving
PNWA announces two new members!
David Ponganis appointed to senior Corps Northwestern Division position
418 UPDATE PNWA Summer Conference Dates – June 27-29, 2012
418 March 28, 2012 The State of Oregon works to improve the regulatory process
Mark your calendars for the PNWA Summer Conference
Port of Coos Bay opens search for CEO
PNWA headquarters is moving
417 March 23, 2012 Sen. Wyden joins with Senate colleagues to support small ports
The 78th annual Mission to Washington lays the groundwork for 2012
416 March 16, 2012 Columbia River Crossing Update
Public comment period extended for Draft National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan; PNWA requests feedback
Senate transportation bill includes HMTF language
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler supports hydropower as a renewable
Washington and Oregon Sea Grant work to schedule National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium
PNWA tours Columbia Snake River System navigation projects
PNWA welcomes two new members!
415 March 4, 2012 Columbia River Crossing Update
414 February 22, 2012 PNWA releases proposed FY2013 funding levels for Northwest navigation and ecosystem restoration projects
413 February 13, 2012 President releases FY 2013 budget – mixed bag for Northwest ports
412 February 8, 2012 Northwest projects fare well in Corps of Engineers FY2012 work plan
Oregon’s newest Member of Congress: Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici
Transportation reauthorization update
TIGER IV Guidelines Released
Interstate 5 Columbia River Crossing Project: Data sought on navigation clearance needs
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411 January 27, 2012 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers work plan to be released on February 6, 2012
Portland Harbor Partnership kick-off event scheduled
Accelerated TIGER IV timeline
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410 January 23, 2012
Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Support America’s Hydropower
Corps conducting review of regulatory program
PNWA supports inclusion of RAMP Act in Transportation Reauthorization bill
Budget delay reported
Port of Siuslaw opens up search for Port Manager
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