Our Priorities

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Emerging Harbors. Funding for the nation’s small ports remains a challenge. PNWA works to ensure that our region receives funding for maintenance dredging and jetty repairs at federal projects that serve Oregon and Washington coastal communities.

Jetties at the Mouth of the Columbia River. PNWA is the lead organization advocating for the rehabilitation of the three Columbia River jetties.  This project ensures safe passage for commercial and recreational mariners, and protects millions of dollars of investment in our deep draft and inland infrastructure.

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Deepening Projects. Ports throughout the country are working to modernize their facilities and accompanying infrastructure. To keep up with larger vessels and global shipping trends, deepening projects are being pursued at the Ports of Coos Bay, Grays Harbor, Seattle and Tacoma.

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Columbia River Channel Maintenance. With over 50 million tons of cargo moving in and out of the lower Columbia River, it is critical that the government continue to fund operations & maintenance of this federally authorized waterway.

Columbia River System Operations Environmental Impact Statement. The Inland Ports and Navigation Group, a subset of PNWA’s membership, has been an intervenor in the lawsuit over dam operations for twenty years, supporting the work of the federal agencies and submitting information to the Court regarding the views of the ports, terminals, navigation, growers, and more.

Columbia River Treaty. PNWA works to ensure the needs of navigation are considered when assessing the future of the Columbia River Treaty.

Columbia Snake River System. PNWA is the lead advocate for the continued maintenance and safe, efficient operation of the eight locks and dams on the inland Columbia Snake River System.


Energy & Water Appropriations. PNWA supports an increase in the overall Corps of Engineers Civil Works budget and works with our members, the Corps and Congress to ensure the needs of regionally-supported projects are met each year.

Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund. PNWA supports full use of annual Harbor Maintenance Tax receipts, and comprehensive reform to meet all Northwest port needs.

Regulatory Efforts. PNWA has been working with Congress and the federal agencies since 2000 to identify and overcome obstacles to processing permits in a fair and timely fashion.

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